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Sarah Nail Wilson graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Photography. After graduation she moved to Washington State and continued shooting in the great Pacific Northwest.

In December 2016 Sarah, her husband/business partner and their two dogs moved from San Diego, Ca to the tropical paradise of Oahu, Hawaii and continue to grow Sarah Nail Photography. Sarah loves shooting portraits, nature and commercial needs for her clients.



Zac Wilson graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in 2005 with a degree in Film and Television Production and attended the Brooks Institute of Photography until 2008 concentrating in a degree in film until he began his career in the United States Navy.  

Currently stationed in Hawaii he and Sarah are able to focus on growing Sarah Nail Photography to its full potential.  Zac enjoys video most of all and is passionate about being able to offer clients video services when available! 


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