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Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton Wednesday May 4, 2016 at the Balboa Park Club in San Diego, CA: Sarah Nail Photography

Seeing a president: check! Celebrities are cool and all, but a person who ran the free world was at the top of my bucket list. Yesterday, on behalf of The Photo Access, I was mixed in with the local press to photography President Bill Clinton speak on behalf of his partner Hillary Clinton before the California primaries June 7th. Zac was able to get video footage as well and is available for use! We didn’t get any footage of the former president’s saxophone skills, maybe he’ll bust it out if he becomes the ‘First Dude’ of America. To use these images, visit for pricing and usage agreement.


Seeing a president is sort of a tradition in my family, my Grammy saw Gerald Ford try to eat a tamale with the husk on in San Antonio, TX (poor guy didn’t know to take it off), my mom George W. and Laura at a baseball game in Arlington, TX (she was in awe of how beautiful Laura is); so now my sister has to find a president to keep the tradition alive!