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Wedding Anniversary at Cabrillo National Monument: Sarah Nail Photography, San Diego, CA Photographer

The military life moves quickly; when you find the love of your life and they are in the service romance sometimes needs to take a backseat. Kaitlynn and Mike have been married for two years, have two handsome sons together and to celebrate their second anniversary wanted some ‘real’ wedding photos! I met Kaitlynn when Mike returned from a deployment earlier this year, she was still pregnant with their second son and he made it home just in time because two days later she went into labor! I was honored to help celebrate their love, we went to Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma and Kaitlynn’s mom was on hand to help with her two of her grandchildren. Happy (now belated) Anniversary!

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton Wednesday May 4, 2016 at the Balboa Park Club in San Diego, CA: Sarah Nail Photography

Seeing a president: check! Celebrities are cool and all, but a person who ran the free world was at the top of my bucket list. Yesterday, on behalf of The Photo Access, I was mixed in with the local press to photography President Bill Clinton speak on behalf of his partner Hillary Clinton before the California primaries June 7th. Zac was able to get video footage as well and is available for use! We didn’t get any footage of the former president’s saxophone skills, maybe he’ll bust it out if he becomes the ‘First Dude’ of America. To use these images, visit for pricing and usage agreement.


Seeing a president is sort of a tradition in my family, my Grammy saw Gerald Ford try to eat a tamale with the husk on in San Antonio, TX (poor guy didn’t know to take it off), my mom George W. and Laura at a baseball game in Arlington, TX (she was in awe of how beautiful Laura is); so now my sister has to find a president to keep the tradition alive! 

Look who's expecting! Sarah Nail Photography: San Diego Family and Maternity Photographer

The Scott family is growing by two feet this year! This duel military couple is currently stationed in San Diego, CA. Sadly they won't be here for much longer, but I really enjoyed meeting them and capturing this exciting time for them! 

USS Roosevelt Homecoming with the Droughn Family! San Diego Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing the return of the new Chief Droughn! While out to sea he made Chief, which is a HUGE deal, and his family was given VIP access to his homecoming. For those of you who don't know how a navy ship homecoming works; the first people off are the big wigs of the boat (captain, etc.) then come the winners of the first kiss raffle (spouses at home enter a chance to have their sailor come off the boat in the first wave to get that first smooch) then come the new dads (where I always cry) and then the new chiefs! Being a VIP is so cool, there's food, chairs, local San Diego mascots from our attractions and you are literally next to the carrier! The Droughn kids were great sports by letting me take their photo the entire time, the helped their mom put the finishing touches on their sign and flew past the news reporters standing between them and their dad! I had to fight the reporters, camera man and photojournalists away to get there, hopefully the people that got my elbows to their ribs survived ok. ;) Overall, this was one of the most memorable homecomings and I'm honored to have photographed it! <3